The Safe Scrum


  • Offense
    • Provide a solid platform to launch an attack
    • Provide quick, quality ball for backline
  • Defense
    • Apply pressure, disrupt opponent’s possession
    • Cause turnover/regain possession
  • Responsibilities: proper body position and binding, aggression, consistent high effort during scrums
  • Skills: core strength, proper body position, effective binding on teammate and opponents (front row)



  • Key Factors:
    • Core strength
    • Spine in line
    • Back in strong “flat” position
    • Feet shoulder-width apart
    • Hips, knees, and ankles at 90-degree angle
    • Shins parallel to ground
  • Proper Body Profile
    • Objectives: core strength, proper body position, effective binding on teammates and opponents (front row)
    • Responsibilities: strong flat back, feet in proper pushing position, low body height, spine in line of direction of desired push, legs in strong drive position
    • Skills: core strength, aggression, knowing/executing objectives & responsibilities
  • Proper Binding
    • Objectives: consolidate power of 8 together and create forward push
    • Responsibilities: tight binds that prevent splitting, binds based on core and arm strength and position and not just fingers holding cloth
    • Skills: core strength, arm strength, knowledge of leverage and body mechanics, aggression, know/execute objectives & responsibilities


Steps to Build a Safe Scrum:

  1. Body Position
    • Feet positioned shoulder-width apart
    • Head in a neutral position
    • Knees bent
    • Bend forward at the waist with flat back and shoulders above hips
    • Core tensed and weight balanced on both feet
  2. Front Row Binds
    • Hooker sets on the referee’s mark
    • Hooker has the right foot in front of the left
    • Loose head prop (left of hooker) binds on the hooker near the shoulders in the middle of the back and the hooker binds on the loose head prop the same way
    • Tight head prop (right of hooker) binds on the tight head prop the same way
    • Front crouches together using the key factors of body position
    • Hooker calls in second row
  3. Engagement
    • Follow the referee’s instructions and engage on the invitation
    • CROUCH – Strong body position, core tight, and firm binds
    • TOUCH – Props touch outside shoulder of direct opponent
    • SET – Drive into contact, front row head goes to the left of direct opponent
    • After engagement, shins parallel with ground and knees are bent
    • Heads are neutral, back is flat, and eyes are looking forward
    • Feet remain shoulder-width apart