Key Factor Analysis (KFA)


The building blocks of any skill or sport-related activity are called key factors. Coaches use key factors as a means of communicating the parts of the skills and the behaviors they want athletes to perform on a regular basis. An important coaching tool that all coaches must use is Key Factor Analysis (KFA). This process breaks skills down into their component parts, which when performed correctly and in sequence, will enable players to execute the skills. KFA provides coaches with a fixed skill template to compare players’ performance against and helps coaches identify which steps the athletes are performing incorrectly. Coaches can then focus on the areas that provide the most benefit to player performance.

An example of a key factor template for strong body position in a pre-contact situation is as follows:

Key Factor Template – Pre-contact Body Position:

  1. Head in neutral position with eyes looking forward
  2. Feet shoulder width apart
  3. Core tensed
  4. Shoulders above hips
  5. Knees bent and pelvis tilted forward
  6. Chest out with a flat back