Teaching the Game

Rugby coaches, in many ways, must act like teachers. Their principal job is to help players and teams learn something new and overcome challenges as they are presented. In order to teach principles and skills related to rugby, there are a number of teaching skills coaches should work to develop. This unit is designed to help you instruct others on what you have learned about the game of rugby.      

This section is the most important and often overlooked aspect to coaching that is a very important first step to the coaching process. We have outlined below what to expect out of this section. When you have completed this unit, you should be able to do the following:

  • Understand USA Rugby’s commitment to coaching excellence and expectations for coaches to seek continuing education
  • Understand how asking questions is used as a successful coaching technique
  • Commit to coaching with a game-like approach as a core method of developing players
  • Understand and teach the basic principles of play and how they relate to the game  
  • Understand how to lead training activities and develop players using these principles and key factors as the basic building blocks of learning the game of rugby
  • Understand the steps within the coaching process and different coaching styles to determine what works best for their team