Team Offense and Defense

Team Offense

Key Factors – Team Attack (Offense)

  • Athletic position (feet level or with dominant foot forward)
  • Ball held in the fingers with the dominant hand at the back of the ball
  • Start with the ball behind the head
  • Pick a target where the jumper will meet the ball
  • Use core to power the throw
  • Push elbows forward to throw the ball
  • Follow through and finish with hands pointing to the target
  • Re-join play

Team Defense

Key Factors – Team Defense

  • Align the defensive wall on a slight angle from the source of position (scrum, lineout, ruck, maul, etc.)
  • Keep the alignment when moving forward towards the attacking team
  • Defensively align to mark an attacking player
  • Tackle the ball carrier if the player has the ball
  • If the player has passed the ball, adjust line of running to support in regaining the ball when a tackle is made
  • If the ball has been kicked before a tackle has been made, run to support the player who is likely to catch or recover the ball