The Ruck


What happens after a tackle? When a player goes to ground. how do we continue to play?

What is a ruck? The ruck is formed when one or more players who are on their feet contesting close over the ball. In this video, the two players who go into a tackle will have a support player from either side come and contest over the ball.

Coming through the gate – The referee needs to make sure players are coming through the gate, or coming straight over their teammate. If the player fails to do so, they illegally have entered the ruck.

Ruck Basics

  • Objectives: maintain possession and position break down for ball retention
  • Responsibilities: body positioning, strength, speed, balance, agility, aggression, and field sense
  • Skills: knowing your roles and threats in order to position yourself effectively and safely in the ruck

Roles in the Ruck

  • Rucker
  • Combat
  • Firewall