The Lineout


Key Factors – Lineout

  • Line up along the line of touch*, one meter from the opposing lineout
  • Throw down the line of touch to the catcher
  • Catcher jumps to secure possession either by catching or deflecting the ball
  • Drive up with the arms to increase the height of the jump
  • Catch or deflect the ball
  • Move the ball and turn the body away from opposing players
  • Land in an athletic position
  • Create a maul or deliver the ball to the backs

*Line of Touch: imaginary line, at right angle to the touchline at the point the ball went into touch and a ball thrown into the lineout must travel

Key Factors – Lineout Jumper

  • Inside foot forward, balanced on the ball of the foot
  • Hands up with fingers pointed towards the sky ready to receive the ball
  • Jump off two feet and extend the arms upward
  • In the air, legs straight, knees together, and toes pointed down
  • Tight core
  • Arms extended to take the ball early
  • Watch the ball into the hands
  • Either distribute to scrum half or bring the ball into the chest
  • Communicate with lifters to “HOLD” or “DOWN”
  • Turn back to the opposition on descent
  • Land in athletic position with feet wide and a low center of gravity
  • Distribute the ball

Key Factors – Lift

  • Set up along the line of touch
  • Athletic position with flat back and on balls of feet
  • Hands in front of chest ready to lift
  • Focus on jumper
  • Step towards jumper and dip to lower body height
  • Front lifter: supports just above the knees
  • Back lifter: supports underneath the buttocks
  • Lift with the legs and drive arms into the air
  • Finish with wrists, shoulder, hips, and ankles in a straight line
  • Control descent of jumper back to the ground

Key Factors – Throw

  • Athletic position (feet level or with dominant foot forward)
  • Ball held in the fingers with the dominant hand at the back of the ball
  • Start with the ball behind the head
  • Pick a target where the jumper will meet the ball
  • Use core to power the throw
  • Push elbows forward to throw the ball
  • Follow through and finish with hands pointing to the target
  • Re-join the play