Transfer Request

Are you seeking to transfer your player membership to a different club?

There are two methods of completing this process, both begin with a simple question:

Have you played in a competitive/league match for your current club for the 2018-19 season?


If you are unsure if you have played in a competitive match this season, please contact your club officials or USA Rugby at so we may assist you with confirmation.

Note, only player memberships can be transferred. If you are seeking to “transfer” a different type of membership, please contact USA Rugby.

Additionally, please use the public rosters to ensure you are registered to the correct club. 

If yes, then you must go through the waiver request process before we can process your transfer

Once a player has ‘played’ in any League/CR/Qualifying match for a college or senior club, a transfer must be approved by USA Rugby Eligibility Committee for the player to have eligibility with a different club during the same
competitive season.

The Women’s Premier League has a registration and transfer deadline of October 15th. All players must be registered to their club before this deadline to have competitive eligibility. All other senior club transfers, including Elite College Player and Elite Club Guest player requests, must be initiated with USA Rugby prior to the player registration deadline of April 1st.

Requests USA Rugby can confirm were submitted prior to the deadline, even if not completed, will be considered initiated by the deadline. Each transfer that requires approval from USA Rugby must be formally requested and include:

  • The waiver form itself: College or Senior Club
  • A personal statement from the player. A personal statement is a brief summary of the player’s individual circumstance and should give an explanation of why this waiver is needed and should be granted.
  • Verification of no outstanding financial or disciplinary issues with the previous club. Usually, these are emails from a club official, coach, etc. stating you are free of any financial or disciplinary obligations and therefore released to transfer clubs.
  • Verification of no outstanding financial or disciplinary issues with the previous local governing body (applicable only if you are leaving your current governing body).
  • Documentation supporting reason cited for an in-season transfer of clubs. (Example: if a player moved geographic locations than a copy of a new lease, utility bill should be included).

This information can be emailed to

Please submit this waiver packet to USA Rugby via email ( or by regular mail (2655 Crescent Dr. Suite A Lafayette CO 80026).

Players requesting an eligibility waiver from USA Rugby must receive USA Rugby approval of the waiver BEFORE participating in any League/Qualifying/CR Match. Submitting a waiver request to USA Rugby does not provide temporary eligibility. The formal waiver from USA Rugby must be received before the player may play for his/her club.

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If no, then you can use the automated transfer process.


Please log into your profile. Find the left-hand side small blue box labeled “Member Home”. Please click the + sign to expand the menus and click “Change Club Affiliation”.

Then use the drop downs to find your new club. Please know there may be some additional union dues you have to pay for your new union.

Once you do this, the system will send emails requesting approval from your current club and union (if applicable). The completed process requires approval from your club (and union/conference if applicable) and USA Rugby. You will be notified when this process is complete via an automated email.

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As defined by the USA 2016-17 Eligibility Regulations:

Competitive (League/Qualifying/CR) Match – A match between teams from the same Competitive Region that leads to any post-season/play-off competition leading to a USA Rugby Championship Event. Jurisdiction of this competition lies with the Competitive Region Committee.

Play – Play is defined as actually stepping onto the field either as a starter, reserve, or blood substitution for any length of time. A player can be named on the roster for a match and not actually “play” in the match.

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Note for administrators:

The system does not allow for an individual profile to be both a regional administrator and a club administrator for a club under that same region. In this situation, it is necessary for those regions affected to request that an additional administrative account be created for them (e.g. WestD1 Admin for the West D1A Collegiate Conference). 

Often this will have the same email attached as that of the personal profile which may cause confusion when processing auto transfers. It is necessary for those regional admins in this situation to log into the additional account. 

For those needing assistance with this, or any admin that is not properly receiving the auto transfer requests, please contact Justin at USA Rugby – 

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