Transfer Request

Interested in transferring clubs? Transfers are processed in one of two fashions: both methods require that you obtain release for transfer from your current club.

If you have yet to participate in any qualifying matches this competitive cycle, you may simply request release from your current club. This release should specifically state that you have not competed in qualifying matches during this competitive cycle and detail any outstanding disciplinary or financial obligations. Please forward this release to

If you have competed in qualifying matches this competitive cycle it will be necessary to request and receive a waiver of eligibility for mid-season transfer from the eligibility committee. Seek a release from your current club as detailed in the paragraph above. This release should accompany a release from your local governing union and official documentation that meets the criteria outlined in regulation 13.5.2 governing mid-season transfer. Complete waiver requests may also be forwarded to

Please know that transferring clubs does not renew your registration for the new season.